Invitation to “fire experiment in large-scale compartment” in Fire Academy.

The Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures and Combustion Systems, School of Mechanical Engineering in National Technical University of Athens, invites you to attend the “fire experiment in large-scale compartment” which is to be held Tuesday 19.05.2015, at 10:30, at the premises of Fire Academy (Matsa 32, Kifissia).

The experiment is conducted as part of research activities of the Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures and Combustion Systems, within two research projects funded by national and European resources:

  1. Research program “FIRE-FACTS: Basic and Applied Research at multiple scales Fires in apartments” Action Excellence, Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning”, National Strategic Reference Framework, NSRF 2007-2013.
  2. Research program “ELISSA: Energy Efficient Lightweight-Sustainable-Safe-Steel Construction”, 7th Framework Program, Theme EeB.NMP.2013-1 “Nanotechnology for multifunctional lightweight construction materials and components”.

The main objective of the experiment is to investigate the effect of fire exiting from opening in the exterior building facade. In this context, a demo house (2,5 mx 2,5 mx 2,3 m), which has an opening (window) and façade(5,2 m) will be used. By appropriate selection of ventilation conditions and liquid fuel, the generated heat will exit openings, exposing the facade of a house in high temperature conditions. In order to assess the behavior against fire modern energy saving techniques in buildings, the lodge is installed with a system of “ventilated façade” . In the experiment, extensive measuring devices will be used to record the time variation of a number of important physical quantities, such as temperature and air velocity, temperature and heat flux, flame shape etc.

Students of NTUA (8th semester School of Mechanical Engineering and 6th semester School of Architecture) and the Fire Academy (3rd and 4th year of school Anthypopyragon) are well invited to the experiment.

To facilitate the attendance of the public, buses of the Fire Academy will help the transport between the metro station “Kifissia” and the Fire Academy, from 9:30 to 10:15, and after the experiment.

Photographs from the previous experiment in the Fire Academy.