The Fire Research Unit (FRU) has been established on 2007 as a specialized research group of the HMCS laboratory, focusing on fire phenomena. The FRU currently comprises 2 Post-Doctoral Research Fellows, 2 doctoral candidates and 4 undergraduate and M.Sc. students. The main aim of the FRU is to create a comprehensive fundamental and applied research infrastructure related to fire safety, aiming to upgrade the educational and research capabilities of the host institution (NTUA), as well as to create excellence and enhance the international research competitiveness of the HMCS laboratory.

FRU-HMCS employs experimental investigation and numerical analysis techniques to investigate fundamental phenomena associated with fire safety. The FRU is continuously extending the experimental facilities of the HMCS laboratory, aiming to accommodate new fire safety-related needs (e.g. high-temperature furnaces, thermal cameras, devices for DSC and oxygen bomb calorimetry analyses). An in-house developed 1-D heat and mass transfer simulation tool, named HETRAN, is used for detailed simulations of the fire behavior of multi-layered building materials; a variety of CFD codes (e.g. FDS, ANSYS CFX) is used for large-scale numerical simulations in various applications pertinent to fire safety, such as compartment fires, aircraft fires, fires in tunnels, pool fires.

FRU-HMCS currently participates in 4 E.U.-funded (ELISSA, MeeFS, COST FP1404, FIRE-FACTS) and 2 industrial research projects in the field of fire safety. The FRU-HMCS has a close collaboration, in both teaching and research activities, with the Greek Fire Academy. FRU-HMCS provides a broad portfolio of fire safety consultancy services, employing both numerical (CFD simulations, heat and mass transfer simulations) and experimental (material characterization in high temperatures, reaction to fire tests, large-scale compartment fire tests) methodologies.

Contact: Scientific coordinator of FRU-HMCS:Dr. Dionysios Kolaitis

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Fundamental Fire Phenomena Flame Dynamics
Pool Fires
Fire suppression
Fires in Buildings Façade fires
Fires in Ventilated Facades
Fires in Transportation Systems Aircraft Fires
Fires in Ship-board Engine Rooms
Fires in Road Tunnels
Material Behaviour in High Temperatures Gypsum plasterboards
Phase-Change Materials (PCM)
Insulation materials
Timber construction