The scope of the H.M.C.S Laboratory is:

Generic Research
  • Investigation of fundamental heterogeneous multi-phase, multi-component, reacting flows and related industrial processes
  • Development of two-phase, reactive Computational Fluid Dynamics codes using Eulerian-Lagrangian and multi-fluid approaches
  • Development of thermo-kinetic models for hydrocarbon oxidation; Development of combustion chemistry models for thermal process optimization (e.g. diesel auto-ignition, cool flames) and pollutants emission control from combustion processes

Industrial Research
  • Experimental aerodynamic and thermo-chemical characterization of prototype and industrial burners;
  • Modelling of particle induced mechanical erosion wear (e.g in pipes, ducts, mills)
  • Development of multi-criteria assessment tools integrated with the Life Cycle Analysis for techno-economic & environmental impact assessment
  • Process optimization – industrial energy auditing – energy saving solutions
  • Optimization of pulverization methods using a prototype ring-type mill