Doctoral Theses elaborated in the Laboratory of HMCS are:

Doctoral Dissertations
Name Title Year
A. Klipfel Development of computational tools for the optimization of industrial processes.Application and thorough study on the perlite expansion process 1999
D.Kolaitis Development of computational tools for multiphase multicomponent reactive flows. Application on <cool flames> 2005
D.Katsourinis Development of computational tools for the numerical simulation of heterogeneous mixture processes 2008
G.Zannis Optimization of operational and constructional characteristics of specific griders for ultrafine pulverization (ringmills) using experimental methods 2008
A.Togalidou Modeling of thermochemical phenomena in the combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels for industrial applications 2008
D.Giannopoulos Development of a multicriteria methodology for the assessment of innovative energy technologies within a context of uncertainty 2012
D.Kontogeorgos Development of computational tools for simulating transfer phenomena in solid boundaries (structural materials) under combustion – fire conditions 2012
G.Vourliotakis Development and implementation of detailed chemical kinetics tools for performance and emissions assessment of domestic sofc systems 2012
C.Keramiotis Development of intrusive and non-intrusive combustion diagnostic tools and assessment of premixed combustion systems. Implementation on a porous inert medium burner 2013
M.Stamatiadou Numerical Analysis of cooling loads in buildings with Phase Change Materials in their elements 2014
I.Mandilaras Experimental and numerical methodologies for energy efficiency assessment of building components incorporating Phase Change Materials 2015
Ε.Asimakopoulou Development and assessment of experimental and numerical tools for characterization of externally venting flames and evaluation of their effect on building facades 2016
Ε.Malliotakis Development of a building and district simulation tool with decentralized heat and power production and thermal energy storage 2016