HMCS Laboratory

The Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures & Combustion Systems (HMCS) is an officially established laboratory of the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA since 2002.The HMCS Lab has been working for the last twenty years on the investigation of combustion related phenomena and multi-phase, multi-component reacting flow problems in laboratory and industrial scale. The HMCS Laboratory is active in research projects and publications.

The Laboratory’s activities cover a wide area of interest and include supporting education Thermal Engineering courses provided by the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA. The areas of interest of the Industrial Engineering Laboratory include:

  • Support for teaching needs of the School of Mechanical Engineering of NTUA
  • Support of teaching needs to postgraduate programs of NTUA
  • Basic and applied research, independently or under funded research programs
  • Diffusion of knowledge through the publication of scientific articles and books
  • Organization of meetings with scientists from Greece and abroad

The staff of the laboratory , both regular and postgraduate students, develops significant research activity in cooperation with other research centres in Greece or in EU and with public organizations. The laboratory develops applied research funded by research projects in Greece or the European Union.In addition, the Director of the Laboratory, Prof. Maria Founti, is responsible for the academic teaching of a numerous undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses taught at the School of Mechanical Engineering of the NTUA.