ELISSA EU Project Overview

Elissa will pave the way for Industrial Prefabricated New-to-Build and Deep-Renovation Packages! See the video for the outcome of the project!

IVIS 2015 Award Paper

Certificate of Honor for the paper entitled “Determination of the Thermal Conductivity of VIPs at Fire/Elevated Temperatures” of the authors Dimos A. Kontogeorgos, Georgios K. Semitelos, Ioannis D. Mandilaras, Roland Caps, Libor Kubina, Maria A. Founti given by the scientific committee of the 12th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium (IVIS 2015).

Full-scale compartment fire test

The results obtained from the full-scale compartment fire experiment allow supporting the characterization of the temperature environment adjacent to the fa├žade wall.