ELISSA EU Project Overview

Energy Efficient Lightweight-Sustainable-Safe-steel Construction: ELISSA

Elissa will pave the way for Industrial Prefabricated New-to-Build and Deep-Renovation Packages!

ELISSA targets the development, testing, assessment and demonstration of nano-enhanced lightweight steel skeleton/dry wall systems with improved thermal, vibration/seismic and fire performance, due to the inherent damping and fire spread prevention properties of carefully preselected inorganic nanomaterials (aerogels, VIPs, MMTs, CNT) and MEMS. Their implementation,achieved via the development of industrially friendly application methods, will yield new multifunctional prefabricated elements with improved thermal properties that will be structurally tested and optimized as load bearing elements, capable of sustaining from weak vibrations up to medium and severe earthquakes.

The new nanomaterial enabled multi-functional steel/dry wall elements of ELISSA will reach the highest achievable degree of energy efficiency, safety and sustainability for steel lightweight buildings through:

– Ensuring efficiency and structural integrity under thermal, dynamic and fire loads (due to nanomaterial properties, MEMs and design concept).

– Saving materials, energy and time during construction in terms of envelop and steel frame materials (pre-fabricated elements) and due to construction concept (prefabricated lightweight with multi-functional envelops-resilient construction that doesn’t need repair in case of lower seismic action).

– Saving energy during building operation due to materials (multi-functional elements with suitable insulation)

– Being economic (re-usable materials, flexibility in architectural design, optimized production logistics-construction-use chain).

ELISSA Project has received funding from the European Union’s FP7 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 609086.