Transportation Fires

Meso- and macro-scale research in fires associated with transportation. Numerical investigation of fires in aircrafts (external fires, fire behaviour of common fuselage materials, fire suppression in cargo compartments). Fluid-structure Interaction (FSI) simulations of fires in ship-board engine rooms. Investigation of fires in road tunnels and human behaviour during tunnel evacuation.

Contact Persons Dr. Dionysis Kolaitis
Relevant Project(s) FIRE-FACTS, AIRBUS
Relevant Publications
  • Katsaounis G.M., Katsourinis D., Samuelides M.S., Founti M., Paik J.K. and Kim B.J., “Computational modeling of interaction between actions and action effects of FPSO topside structures subject to jet fire”, Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, Shanghai, China, 6-11 June 2010, Vol. 2, 959-966 (2010)