Sotiris Benekos

Dipl.Mech.Eng., MSc.

Short CV

Sotiris Benekos was born in 1987 in Athens, Greece. He has two graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He was graduated from the department of Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus 2009 (specialization: manufacturing technology) and from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2013 (specialization: energy technology). He did his internship in a manufacturing company in 2009 and he acquired experience in CAD programs and machining processes. He prepared his diploma Thesis in TU Bergakademie in Germany in 2013 in the frame of Erasmus program. He also got his master’s degree in ”Computational Mechanics” in 2015 from the department of Chemical Engineering of NTUA. He is a research assistant in Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures and Combustion Systems since January 2014. His research interests are related to the optimization of the reforming process for synthesis gas production via rich methane combustion for SOFC energy systems. Computational methods based on decoupled flow and chemical kinetics study of reactive flows are also in his interests. He participated in the European Combustion Meeting 2015 in Budapest for the presentation of his study: Experimental and a numerical investigation of a novel non-catalytic reformer for methane partial oxidation.