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The Life Cycle Integrated Assessment Group (LyCIS.HMCS) is a specialized research group of the HMCS Laboratory. LyCIS.HMCS works to achieve a clean, affordable, and accessible global energy system by studying the development and impacts of energy systems on the environment, the economy and policy. The group currently comprises 2 Research Associates, 1 Post-Doctoral Researcher and 4 Research Assistants.

Main research area of the group is the impacts of energy generation and use, manufacturing, and other activities on the environment and the economy. Its research activities include, energy, environmental and economic systems models; life-cycle analysis of products, including their energy, heat resources use from cradle to grave; whole-building Energy and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA); study of near- and long-term trends within the energy industry and local or world economy that may impact energy price, availability, and security, while influencing the choice of fuels and energy-production technologies. Life Cycle Analysis is a comprehensive form of analysis that utilizes the principles of Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, and various other methods to evaluate the environmental, economic, and social attributes of energy systems. Also, the system modelling provides a more integrated approach on industrial processes.

LyCIS.HMCS currently participates in 6 E.U.-funded research and demonstration projects (DAPhNE, HELMETH, ELISSA, AMANAC, Ecco-Mate, STEP). LyCIS Group provides rigorous decision support for energy and environmental policy-making by developing and integrating methods from environmental, economic, engineering, and computational sciences.

Contact Person: Dr.Dimitrios Giannopoulos

LyCIS Group

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Integrated Assessment LCA
System Modelling Simulation of energy performance of a process
ASPEN simulation