Integrated Assessment


Evaluation of energy technologies with multi-criteria analysis methods and life cycle analysis. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a comprehensive form of analysis at HMCS that utilizes the principles of Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, and various other methods to evaluate the environmental, economic, and social attributes of energy systems.Overall methodology for supporting energy system
selection. Integrated assessment of energy technologies by incorporating the overall environmental impact, the technical efficiency and economic viability. Whole-Building Energy and Life Cycle Analysis.

LyCIS Group developed a Desicion Support tool, named “PYTHIA”, which provides Multi-Criteria Analysis for high end technologies in the energy sector, combined with LCA Analysis. “PYTHIA” can be used in various sectors such as Energy Conversion systems, Transportation, Building (both component and real-scale) construction.

Techno-economic analysis LCC
Environmental Analysis

Contact Persons Dr. Dimitrios Giannopoulos & Dr.Marianna Stamatiadou
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