Christos Keramiotis

Postdoctoral Researcher
Mech.Eng., MSc, PhD

PhD Topic
“Development of intrusive and non-intrusive combustion diagnostic tools and assessment of premixed combustion systems. Implementation on a porous inert medium burner”

Short CV

Dr. Christos Keramiotis was born in Athens in September 1983. He holds a diploma (Dipl.-Ing) in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from the University of Patras (2006) and a master’s degree in control and automation engineering from NTU of Athens (2008). In January 2013, he defended his doctoral thesis and obtained his PhD from the school of mechanical engineering of NTUA. His research focused on the development and evaluation of laser-based, as well as analytical, state-of-the-art combustion diagnostic techniques. Dr. Keramiotis has been a research associate since 2008 at the laboratory of heterogeneous mixtures and combustion systems of NTUA, where he worked in the framework of several EU-funded FP 6 and FP 7 projects (e.g. FC-DISTRICT, ECATS, Flame-SOFC).His areas of interest include diagnostics for cleaner combustion, alternative fuel performance analysis, fuel cell systems evaluation, detailed chemical kinetic schemes, IC engines and energy-saving and control strategies for domestic and industrial applications. Dr. Keramiotis has been a visiting researcher at the chair of gas and heat technology (Institut für Wärmetechnik und Thermodynamik Lehrstuhl für Gas – und Wärmetechnische Anlagen) of the TU BAF, Germany (2009), at the Aragon institute of engineering research of I3A-UZ, Spain (2011) and at the chair of thermodynamics and thermal process engineering (Lehrstuhl Thermodynamik – Thermische Verfahrenstechnik), of the BTU Cottbus, Germany (2013). As a result, Dr. Keramiotis has published the majority of his work at approximately twenty papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings. He has been appointed referee in several scientific journals and has been a member of the Pan-Hellenic association of mechanical and electrical engineers, of the Greek section of the combustion institute and of the technical chamber of Greece.