Completed Projects

Completed Projects
Title Sponsored Period Website
EU Funded – ENERGY
AMANAC: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology projects Cluster EeB-4-2014 (Sub call of H2020-EeB-2014-2015) 2015-2017 www
HELMETH: Integrated High-Temperature Electrolysis and Methanation for Effective Power to Gas Conversion JTI – FCH-JU-1 2014-2017 www
ELISSA: Energy Efficient LIghtweight-Sustainable-SAfe-Steel Construction FP7-NMP E2B 2013-2016 www
ECCO-MATE: Experimental and Computational Tools for Combustion Optimization in Marine and Automotive Engines FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN Marie Curie- Multi ITN 2013-2017 www
DAPhNE: Development of adaptive Production systems for Eco-efficient firing processes FoF.NMP.2012-1: Large scale integrating project 2012-2015 www
MeeFS,retrofitting: Multifunctional energy efficient facade system for building,retrofitting PPP-EeB.NMP.2010-2 New technologies for energy efficiency 2012-2015 www
COST-CM0901: Detailed chemical kinetic models for cleaner combustion COST Programme 2010-2015 www
FC-DISTRICT: New m-CHP network technologies for energy efficient and sustainable districts PPP-EeB.NMP.2010-2 New technologies for energy efficiency at district level 2010-2014 www
FlameSOFC: Fuel Flexible, Air-regulated, Modular, and Electrically Integrated SOFC-System FP6 ENERGY –Integrated Project 2005-2009
MC-WAP: Molten-carbonate fuel Cells for Waterborne Application FP6 – Hydrogen Integrated Project 2005-2010 www
I-SSB: The integrated Safe and Smart Built Concept FP6 NMP- priorityIntegrated Project 2007-2010 www
BOILEFF: Raising the efficiency of boiler installations Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) 2006-2009 www
MESSIB: “Multi-source Energy Storage System Integrated in Buildings” ΙΡ FP7-NMP-2007-LARGE 2009-2013 www
H2-FC LCA: Development of guidance manual for LCA application to fuel cells and Hydrogen technologies JTI-Coordination and Support Actions FCHFCH-JU-2009-1 2010-2011 www
GTOG: From production to recycling, a circular economy for the Gypsum Industry with the demolition and recycling industry Life+ 2013-2015 www
STEP: Stone technology for eco-efficient production CIP-ECO INNOVATION 2013-2016 www
LVS3: Large Valorisation on Sustainability of Steel Structures Research Fund for Coal and Steel 2013-2014
I-STONE: Re-Engineering Of Natural Stone Production Chain through Knowledge Based Processes, Eco-Innovation And New Organisational Paradigms FP6 NMP- priorityIntegrated Project 2005-2009 www
ECO-STONE – “Sustainable system implementation for natural stone production and use” LIFE08 ENV 2010-2013 www
FIRE-FACTS: Basic and applied multi-scale research on compartment fires GREECE – ARISTEIA action 2013-2016
“Thermal Behaviour of Buildings in Fire Conditions” PYTHAGORAS II 2005-2007 www